Follow these steps to view the report of a specific Automation :

Click on the "03 dots" under actions, then click on "Email Report".

This will takes you to an overview "Report" page of that "Automation"

You can also see other automation reports by clicking on the dropdown menu.

To see a detailed report, click on the "03 dots" and then click on "View Report".

There, you will see a detailed report of that specific automation.

On the left side menu you can view more details about that automation.

Sent to: view all the contacts that this automation was sent to.
Opened: view all the contacts who have opened this automation.
Clicked: view all the contacts who have clicked on a link on this automation.
Didn't open: view all the contacts who didn't open this automation.
Bounced: view the bounced emails.
Unsubscribed: view the people who have unsubscribed from this automation.
Reported spam: view spam/abuse report.
Dropped: the email that has been dropped and didn't send email to.
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