What you will need for this?

A Cloudflare account
A domain name registrar such as Namecheap

How to Set Up Your Custom Domain with Cloudflare

Signup/Login into Cloudflare.
Click on Add Site from the top right menu.
Enter your site/domain and click Add button.

Click Continue on the next screen

On next screen, note down your records mentioned below.

Now login to your domain registrar dashboard.
Navigate to Domain List and select Nameservers.

Update these nameservers with Cloudflare's nameservers.

Now go back to Cloudflare.
Click on "Done, check nameservers" button.
On next screen, select DNS settings.
Click on Add Record.

Select Cname from dropdown menu, enter your name(could be any) and target(main custom domain).
Main custom domain should be ssl.funnelair.com

Make sure it is orange so traffic will be served over secure network.

Now click on SSL/TLS and select the Full Mode

Now go to Funnelair dashboard.
Click on domain from left side bar and click on "Start Creating" button.

Click on the three dot at the right side of your connected domain and select Verify.

Make sure the green dot for the connected domain.

NOTE: If your funnelair sub-domain is tahar then he can only link tahar.clickhummer.com to gateway, you can not link go.clickhummer.com gateway, however you can add any domain to your funnel without any restrictions
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