What you will need for this?

A SendGrid Account
A Custom Domain

Follow these steps to integrate SendGrid gateway with Funnelair :

STEP 1 : SendGrid Crendentials

Get your username and password.
Get the email with which you want to connect this gateway.

STEP 2 : Integrate SendGrid gateway with Funnelair

Click on "Apps" from the left side menu, then click on "Gateways".
Click on Start Creating button.

Select SendGrid.

Give your Mailer name.
Enter your SendGrid username and password.
Enter the Email From (get it from your SendGrid account) .
Select the tracking domain for this Mailer.
Click "Add".
Verify your gateway.

Once your gateway has been successfully verified it then click on activate.

Note: you can add as many gateways as you want but only one gateway can be activated at a time, all emails sent from broadcasts and automation will be sent using this active mailer only.

STEP 3 : Set up domain authentication

To make sure that your emails will hit the inbox your from email address domain needs to be authenticated, So to learn how to authenticate your from email address domain on sendgrid click on the link and follow the instructions here.
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