Follow these steps to track sales on an automation email :

From you dashboard, click on Automation from left side bar.
Click on " + " icon to create a automation.
Select the trigger for your automation (for targeted contacts).
Click on OK.

Then Click on the " + " icon to add action to this automation.

Select " Send Email " on next screen.

Click on the dropdown next to the " Send email " and create new email.

Design the email template.
Enter your email content and add a link to your product checkout page.

Add " ?EID=value " at the end of your link. And get the id of you email(get it from link at the top of this email template page).
Now replace "value " with that id. E.g; your email id is 157 then your checkout link will be " ".

Click on Finish.
On next screen just select the email from dropdown which you created.

End this automation.

You can check the sales by clicking on three dot right to that automation and select the "Email report"

On next screen you can track the earnings for that particular automation.

When someone purchase your product using this link you will see the conversion value on the automation email report page
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