Actions are sequences of processes/methods that a contact proceeds through once they enter to your automation. The action is executed when a contact perform each action in the automation path.

For example, you can use actions to communicate with your contacts via email. . For example, you can use actions to update/add a tag to contact list.

This article explains each automation Action, how they work and when you might want to use them. Understanding each Action will give you an idea of the kinds of things that are possible to automate.

Send Email :

This action will send an email to the contact who goes through this step of the automation.
You can select/create email.
You can also delay the time of the email by placing a wait condition before it.

You need to add a gateway first before proceeding with this Action.

Wait :

This action will give a delay to automation at current step.
You can select time, that how long they wait before proceeding to next step.

Add Tag :

This action will add a tag to a contact(s) when they reach this step.

Remove Tag :

This action will remove a tag from a contact(s) when they reach this step.

If/Else :

This action splits a flow into multiple concurrent flows in your automation.
There are two paths : "Yes" and "No".
“Yes” is for contacts who match the conditions you defined for them and then “No” path is for contacts who do not match the conditions.

Here are some options If/Else action have :

Custom Field
Has Visited A Step
Has Not Visited A Step
Has Submitted A Step
Has Not Submitted A Step
Has Purchased A Product
Has Not Purchased A Product
Has Opened An Automation Email
Has Clicked On An Automation Email Link
Has Not Clicked On An Automation Email Link
Has Entered Automation
Has Not Entered Automation
Has Ended Automation
Has Not Ended Automation
Has Opened A Broadcast Email
Has Clicked On A Broadcast Email Link
Has Not Opened A Broadcast Email
Has Not Clicked On A Broadcast Email Link

Click on the dropdown and select the conditions you want to add.

You can add multiple conditions on basis of AND/OR .

Jump :

This action allows you to move contacts to another step of this automation.
You can use it to bring contacts back to a specific node.
In other words, it work like loops.

End This Automation :

This action will end the automation.

Without "End This Automation" ,the automation will automatically end when the contact reaches to the final step of automation.

End Other Automation :

This action will stop the contact running through a specific automation that you choose for him/her.

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