How do i create an offer ?

What you will need for this?

Follow these steps to create an Offer :

  • On the funnel left side menu click on Offers and click on the ( + ) circle located on the top right side of the product page.

  • Select the charge type that you wish.
  • Type an offer name, your customer will not see this name anywhere.
  • Put a price to your offer, this is the exact amount we will attempt to collect on the checkout page.
  • If you are selling a subscription that will automatically stop collecting payment after N number of payment collected then put the N number on Number Of Payments, keep in mind that if your subscription has a free trial period then just by starting the trial the N = 1, so for instance if have a subscription that cost $50 with 14 days trial and you want to only collect only $100 from the customer then on the Number Of Payments you wanna put 3 to better understand why we put 3 not 2 check this explanation below:
1 ( for starting the trail )) + 1 ( for collecting the first $50) + 1 ( for collecting the second $50) = 3
  • On the trial period field put any value you want in days.
  • On the interval field put any value you want then select every day, week, month, year.
  • Click on Create.
Funnelair will send an email notification to the customer if a subscription payment has failed, to re-bill one email the customer can even update his card information if his card on file is no longer valid.
This offer will automatically be created on your Stripe and PayPal accounts via API.

When you finish creating an offer you have to create a product and assign that offer to your product.

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