What are rules and how do I use them?

Rules are used to define the conditions for routes.

For example lets say that we are hosting a survey and we are collecting data and we want to show visitors different pages based on their answer after they submit a form.
For the sake of this example lets say that we want to collect name and email address and gender from our visitors, if the visitor selected female on gender then we show them to page A once they submit the form and if the visitor selected male then we show them to page B once they submit the form, so first lets build our for in 2 steps as follow:

What you will need for this?

  • A defined Route
  • Form elements( to apply the rules on those inputs data )

Now let's go ahead and set up our rules logic :

  • Click on the Gear icon on the top right of the page builder then click on rules.

  • Click on the dropdown menu and add the input params that you want to filter, in this case, let's select gender.

  • And on the last field, we have to add the same exact values that we have added earlier on our dropdown element, we have added two values 1 for male and 2 for female, in this case, we will add 1 to our rules.

  • Now we will add the desired routes to our rule and click on save.

  • Lastly, let's add a button action as submit integration and match the rule.

  • Now every time a visitor submits this form if he selects a male on step 2 he will take gotonextstep route and if she selected a female she will take upsell route.
You can add so many conditions to a rule and make it as complex as you want.
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