How to integrate Mailgun gateway

What you will need for this?

Note: To connect via API, you must have a credit card on file with mailgun.

Follow these steps to integrate Mailgun gateway with Funnelair :

STEP 1: Inside the Mailgun Control Panel (options displayed down the left-hand side on a dark column), the API keys appear on only one page. To view the API keys, use the following instructions:

  • Click on Settings on the left-hand side of your Mailgun dashboard.
  • Select Security & Users from the menu below on the left-hand side.
  • Click on the API security tab.
  • On the following page, under the API Keys section, you'll see both your Private and Public API keys.
  • Click on the eye icon to make the full API key visible.

STEP 2: Integrate Mailgun gateway with Funnelair

  • Click on "Apps" from the left side menu, then click on "Gateways".
  • Click on the Start Creating button.

  • Select mailgun.

  • Give your Mailer name.
  • Enter your domain.
  • Enter your API Key.
  • Enter the email (must be from your mailgun control panel).
  • Select the tracking domain for this Mailer.
  • Click "Add".
  • Verify your gateway.

  • Once your gateway has been successfully verified it then click on activate.

Note: you can add as many gateways as you want but only one gateway can be activated at a time, all emails sent from broadcasts and automation will be sent using this active mailer only.

STEP 3: Set up domain authentication

To make sure that your emails will hit the inbox your from email address domain needs to be authenticated, So to learn how to authenticate your from email address domain on mailgun click on the link below and follow the instructions:

  • Enter your domain in this format

  • Click on add domain and you will be redirected to this page, follow the instruction carefully until you fully verify your DNS settings.

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