How to integrate Amazon(AWS) gateway

What you will need for this?

Follow these steps to integrate Amazon(AWS) gateway with Funnelair :

STEP 1: AWS Credentials

  • Login into the Amazon web service console.
  • Go to Services -> Click on IAM.
  • Click on the user and add/select user.

  • On the next screen choose “Attach existing policies directly” and then select the checkbox for “PoweruserAccess
  • Get/copy “Access Key” and Secret Access Key.

  • Verify an email address in an Amazon SES.
  • Go to “Service -> Simple Email Service -> Email Addresses”.

  • Click on the “Verify a New Email Address” button.

  • Enter the same email address that you will be using on your emails from your email address and click on “Verify a New Email Address”.

  • Amazon will send you a link, access your mailbox and click on the verify link.

STEP 2: Integrate AWS gateway with Funnelair

  • Click on "Apps" from the left side menu, then click on "Gateways".
  • Click on the Start Creating button.

  • Select Amazon.

  • Give your Mailer name.
  • Enter your AWS API Key and Secret Key.
  • Enter the Email From.
On Amazon, the user has to verify his/her " From Email ".
  • Select the tracking domain for this Mailer.
  • Click "Add".
  • Verify your gateway.

  • Once your gateway has been successfully verified it then click on activate.

Note: you can add as many gateways as you want but only one gateway can be activated at a time, all emails sent from broadcasts and automation will be sent using this active mailer only.

STEP 3: Request a Sending Limit Increase*

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