How to integrate Paypal

What you will need for this?

Follow these steps to integrate Paypal with Funnelair :

STEP 1: Paypal and Sandbox Credentials

  • Login to your PayPal developer account, with your PayPal credentials.
  • You will need to either upgrade your current PayPal account to a Business Account or create a new Business PayPal account.

  • Click the My Apps & Credentials.

  • Select Sandbox.

  • Create app.

  • Once you create your app you will be redirected to a screen like this.

  • Copy and save sandbox account email, Client ID, and Secret (needs to be entered in your Funnelair account).
  • Click on My Apps & Credentials again.
  • Select live this time.

  • Create App.

  • Once you create the app you will see a page like this:

  • Copy and save PayPal account email, Client ID, and Secret(needs to be entered in your Funnelair account)

STEP 2: Integrate Paypal with Funnelair

  • Click on "Apps" from the left side menu, then click on " Payment processor ".
  • Click on the + button.

  • Select Paypal.

  • Give your Account name.
  • Paste your Sandbox credentials into your Funnelair account on the sandbox API credentials section.

  • Paste your Live API credentials into your Funnelair account on the Live API credentials section.

  • Click on Create Paypal Account.

STEP 3: Setup your Paypal IPN URL

Even though Funnelair will add a webhook URL into your developer account automatically but unfortunately that is not enough because PayPal doesn't send all events through API therefore to make sure that we listen to all events needed we have to set up and IPN URL too
  • Login to PayPal and navigate to account settings.

  • Click on notification then update Instant payment notifications.

  • Click on choose IPN settings.

  • Click Save.
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