How to integrate Stripe with funnelair

Follow these steps to integrate Stripe with Funnelair :

If you want to use Stripe as your payment gateway in Funnelair, then you will need to have these two things clear :

STEP 1: Integrate Stripe with Funnelair

  • Click on "Apps" from the left side menu, then click on "Payment processor".
  • Click on the + button.

  • Select Stripe.

  • Click on "Create Stripe Account."
  • Enter login details.
  • Click on "Sign In."
  • Stripe will be Connected with Funnelair, once logged in.

STEP 2: User needs to add Webhook URL to stripe :

  • End endpoint URL and select the events to send from the dropdown.

  • For Test, enable the Viewing Test Data.

You have to toggle to switch modes, that is live or test.
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