How can I use Tags?

Generally, Tags help you stay organized and they are useful to automate actions based on the tags subscriber is in. Tags are also used as a way to segment and categorize subscribers. Essentially, people created Tags to enable a deeper level of segmentation and have more insight into their subscriber database.

Subscriber Profile:

  • You can filter your contact database by tags, you can also view tags on individual contact records. This gives you a snapshot of your subscriber journey, which helps you to answer questions and optimize your marketing strategy.

Triggers Automation based on Tags:

  • You configure automation to trigger based on Tags, either "Tag has been added" or "Tag has been removed" to determines who enters this automation and how often they can.

Create Segmentation based on Tags:

  • Additionally, you can create a segment of subscribers that includes a specific Tag(s) or a segment of subscribers that do not have a specific Tag(s).

Tags are powerful and you can leverage them in automation and to send a targeted broadcast.
Note: Your subscribers cannot see the tags applied. You can segment and target contacts with common tags.
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