How do i dynamically change text on my page ?

Follow these steps to dynamically change text on page :

  • Open the builder and add a text or a headline element into your page.
  • Put the word that you would like to make it dynamic between 2 [ ] like this:
Hello [name:Friend]
  • Publish the page on the builder and visit the page URL then add the parameters query after your page link.
  • Now all text values of [name:Friend] on page will be replaced with the word adam because the value of name is equal to adam so in our example the page will page the following:
content: Hello adam
  • If for any reason the is no value for name on the URL then all text values of [name:Friend] in page will be replaced with Friend like this: Hello Friend
These parameters are case sensitive, so it is important to note that [Name] and [name] are not the same things. Before proceeding, kindly check the format that you are using in your URLs and configure the dynamic text replacement on the page in that way.
You can apply this on the meta tags like on the page title and description too. Just use the same procedure as discussed above.

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